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Top tech headlines: Habbo, Spotify, BlackLane – and Kim Dotcom police search ruled illegal Written by Nina Fowler on 28. June 2012

top tech headlines

In today’s daily digest: as the EU Parliament considers international anti-copyright treaty ACTA, MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom scores a legal victory in New Zealand and Apple plans big changes to iTunes. Enjoy.

Oops – police searches at MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom’s house were illegal, judge says

Kim Dotcom pool partyWhether or not you believe Kim Dotcom’s file sharing business MegaUpload was a legal business or a thin front for profiteering from piracy, a New Zealand judge just ruled at least part of the search and seizure that resulted in the destruction of MegaUpload’s business and the arrest of Dotcom himself was illegal. Read more on VentureVillage’s editorial partner VentureBeat.
We’re loving what looks to be a PR push by Dotcom as he waits for a ruling on extradition back to the US. Step one, make a Twitter account. Step two, throw a pool party for a select few from the local tech scene (image credit: Instagram user kim_dotcom)…

Spotify climbs record label revenue charts as Apple plots ways to make iTunes more social

SpotifyShould Apple be worried? Spotify is now the number two revenue source for the major music labels, a source close to the company tells Business Insider – even if Apple’s iTunes still rules the market by a big margin, paying out about $3.2 billion to labels in 2011. Read the full story.
Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports Apple is planning the biggest overhaul of the platform since its 2003 debt, including new features for sharing music.

Habbo reopens in France, Germany, after child sex scandal

HabboSulake, the Finnish parent company of youth-oriented community site slash social game Habbo Hotel, recently landed in a massive media scandal after evidence surfaced of sexually explicit material. Seems the storm is starting to clear. Read more on The Next Web.

BlackLane gets funding to become an Uber for Germany

Black LanePrivate drivers and iPhone apps are a winning combo, as Uber is proving in San Francisco, Chicago and Paris (new target market London will be tougher to crack).

New player BlackLane recently scored funding for its similar service in Berlin, though with fixed rather than taxi-style charging and with a requirement of at least an hour’s notice before pick-up. It’d cost a bit over €50 to ride first class from our offices to MLove – not too bad, we reckon’. Read more on Gründerszene (article in German).