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Today's top tech headlines: Spotify to launch browser app; worst French startup names ever Written by Nina Fowler on 15. November 2012

top tech headlines

Spotify is today launching the beta version of its new browser-based music player, a service that moves it closer to main competitor Rdio. Also today, a few choice fun finds: the worst French startup names ever, and Google’s gorgeous map of 100,000 stars…

Exclusive: Spotify to begin rolling out browser-based music app in beta today

SpotifySpotify is today beginning the roll out of its first ever browser-based music player, sources say. From the looks of it, a web player looks a lot like its desktop counterparts on Mac and Windows, including search, Spotify Radio, playlist editing and creation, and a “What’s New” section. Read more on The Verge

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SumUp, Another European Square, Expands To Italy, Spain And Holland, Now Covering 7 Countries 12 Weeks Into Launch

SumUpThe landgrab among Square-influenced mobile payment companies in Europe continues apace… SumUp, launched in August with more than $20 million in backing, has announced it is opening for business in Italy, Spain and The Netherlands. This takes the total number of markets covered by SumUp to seven. Read more on TechCrunch

For related reading on VentureVillage, check out: SumUp raises $20m plus to tackle mobile payments in Europe

Four French startup names that really don’t work in English

DooDooNot breaking news, but a bit of a laugh today from French tech blog RudeBaguette. “Occasionally, though, only ever so occasionally do I receive emails from startups with names so hilarious and poorly chosen that I pee myself. Just a little.” Our favourite: DooDoo. The real shame here is that the startups the author features are actually worthy enough companies…

Spacing out with Google’s spectacular map of 100,000 Stars

starmapWow. 100,000 Stars, the newest Chrome Experiment fromGoogle, is essentially a 3-D map of the 100,000 stars closest to our sun. Using 100,000 Stars you can zoom in and out and around our galaxy, and even spin it around to enjoy it from different angles. Read the LA Times background story, then check out the map itself.

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