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Today's top headlines: Fab hits 7 million users; Finland's Transfluent raises $1m Written by Nina Fowler on 13. September 2012

top tech headlines

It’s a global market for big guns such as Fab but, for most European startups, the US is still a tricky target. Today, Finland’s Transfluent raised $1 million to do just that:

Social media translators Transfluent get $1m for US relocation

TransfluentThe Finnish firm’s founders are moving to New York to cash in on heavy US demand, they say, while also revealing the opening of a Singapore office. Read more on GigaOM. For more on translation startups, check out our profile of new platform Babelverse.

Fab Axes Sign-Up Requirement For Its Design Shop, Admits User Experience Sucked (But Did Help It Get 7M Registrations)

width="181"Big news and a big admission for online designer shop Fab as it continues to scale up and make itself more user-friendly: the site is, for the first time, now letting people browse its online shop without them needing to log in. The change will roll out in the US first, Europe to follow in 10 days. Read more on TechCrunch.

Apple will kill Ping social network Sept 30

PingSurprising exactly no one, Apple yesterday announced that it was shuttering Ping, its failed social network project. Launched in 2010, Ping is a music-oriented take on services like Facebook and Twitter that’s built directly into iTunes. Read more on VentureBeat.

Lieferheld takes Qype partnership from Lieferando

QypeOnline food delivery group Delivery Hero’s German branch Lieferheld (which shares a shareholder with VentureVillage) has replaced competitor Lieferando as a partner for Qype. Access to the user recommendation service’s up to 25 million users, should come as a tidy boost. Read more on Deutsche Startups (in German).