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Goodbeans to launch WeWantApps – clever app-selector especially for kids Written by Linsey Fryatt on 13. June 2012


Berlin company Goodbeans has announced a further expansion into the world of mobile apps for kids with news of WeWantApps – an app selector that will allow parents and kids to select the best apps for iPhone and iPad.
Verena Delius, winner of our recent poll to discover the top woman in German tech let us in on this imminent release, explaining her company’s rebranding and new focus on the app market: “The idea came from a user perspective. Of us as parents trying to find new and high-quality apps for kids in the App Store. The same apps continue to be in the top 10 lists so you don’t get inspiration for new titles. And so many mothers and fathers have asked us for recommendations of good apps – we now have an official answer!”

Sticky fingers all over your iPad?

WeWantApps, similar to US counterpart Look Mommy encourages kids to get hands-on with technology (perhaps a little too much for some tech-proud parents and their pristine iPads?)
It sources its range of apps from the iTunes App Store and then filters over 12 criteria before an international review team evaluates every single app on its suitability, age-appropriateness, category, price etc.
A ranking system then draws in App Store ranking as well as as user votes and peer recommendations thanks to the now-ubiquitous Facbook Connect. The app has been a fairly inexpensive one to launch. Delius stated: “All-in, meaning development, backend, review-team, language-adaptation and marketing, we are investing approximately 150k.”

From Young Internet to Goodbeans and a focus on apps

jungle book
As well as an excuse to dispense free jellybeans to members of the press, Young Internet’s change to Goodbeans also heralded a re-focus on the world of apps for kids. The company has recently bought over Little Fox Music Box and Nighty Night! – created by Oscar Nominated animator Heidi Wittlinger and is poised to release an interactive Jungle Book title in July too.
WeWantApps is currently looking for beta testers and is scheduled for launch at the beginning of July.


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