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Google announces official campus in Berlin Written by Alex Hofmann on 23. November 2016

Google announced the opening of a new program, Google for Entrepreneurs, in Berlin Kreuzberg’s Umspannwerk Wednesday, making it the tech giant’s seventh worldwide.
One could argue that being seventh on the list of campus locations is not exactly flattering for the German capital, especially since many see the city as comparable to Silicon Valley.
The company’s other locations included London, Warsaw, Madrid, Sao Paulo and Tel Aviv, where the aim is to “provide practical knowledge through training,” a brochure reads.
“It is just the beginning anyhow,” said Sarah Drinkwater, the Google campus director. And Berlin can expect to benefit from the network, she continued.
Michael Mueller, Berlin’s mayor, said he is proud to welcome Google to the city. Even if the company’s German headquarters will stay based in Hamburg. “We feel good at all of our German locations,” said Philipp Justus, head of Google’s German headquarters, closing down any hopes of a relocation to Berlin.
Google made a point to emphasize that the opening of the new campus, however, does not signal the end of Factory Berlin, a Google-backed startup campus. The program itself has been extended another three years. Plus it will take another year before the Google Campus is open for business.
A major difference between the two is that Google Campus will not be a coworking space, explained Google-for-Entrepreneurs’ CEO, Bridgette Beam.
Google did not reveal how much money will be invested in the project: “We are investing tens of millions in the global program,” Drinkwater said. “In addition there will be training opportunities and events, whose worth cannot be measured in money,” she continued.
The campus, which will be approximately 2,400 square meters will also include a cafe and a stage, that can be modified as needed for certain occasions.
Furthermore, the Google team emphasized that the Berlin campus is not intended to search and test new investments. “That’s why we have Google Ventures, to work completely independent of the campus,” they reiterated.

Photo via Google