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Google Germany's head of sales accused of embezzlement Written by Michelle Kuepper on 11. January 2013

The head of sales for Google Germany, Stefan Tweraser, is facing accusations of embezzlement in Austria. He has been charged with pocketing over half a million euros through fake invoices during his time as the Marketing Director of the Austrian branch of telecommunications giant Telekom.


The story was broken by Format magazine, who wrote that Tweraser apparently pocketed the two year’s worth of wages, or €585,600, by receiving kickbacks from an advertising agency employed by Telekom Austria without providing them with any service in return. Later, Tweraser allegedly transferred the money in the name of his new company though three faked invoices.

The accusation was lodged in the Viennese courts in December last year, after Tweraser left the telecommunications business at Telekom Austria in 2007. Tweraser and three others have been charged – including Albert Essenther, who headed the agency at the time of the accused crime. A 16-page court document on the case, discovered by Format, claims that Tweraser will be requested to repay the money – but will not avoid an indictment.

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