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Google search implements Google+ Written by Max Hall on 11. January 2012


Google personalises “your internet” Google search is implementing Google+ as the famous search engine takes another step towards world domination. It’s being rolled out today as a feature called “Search plus Your World”.
A clutch of Google+ results largely originated from Google+ users’ social networks will be sprinkled in amongst the usual search results and image options but also – crucially – there will be new sponsored Google+ results as Google continues its head-to-head battle with Facebook.
With up to 35 million Google searches made daily, the company is aiming to rival Facebook’s highly-targeted and lucrative social ads by offering paid-for featured results that tally with a Google+ users interests.
Each Google+ search result is labelled with information including: who posted it online, who it is shared with and why it is relevant. It’s still possible at the moment to turn off the Google+ element for a more traditional search.
The latest development comes as Google rolls out Google+ features across its entire web presence in a bid to get all users to sign up to the enhanced service. It is anticipated that similar features will also be integrated into Google’s image and map search features in due course.
What do you think? Are you convinced by the new Google+ search? Let us know below..
Google+ passes 62million users