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Germany's Heilemann brothers make key hire for new business post-DailyDeal layoffs Written by Nina Fowler on 4. September 2013


German entrepreneurs Fabian and Ferry Heilemann have made a key hire for new business agency Heilemann & Co – Andreas Harting, formerly of Catagonia Capital, will join as COO. The news follows a round of layoffs at DailyDeal, which the brothers bought back from Google in February.

It’s a new phase for the brothers, who founded DailyDeal in 2009 and sold to Google for $114m in 2011. After struggles in the wider daily deals industry and reported plans to wind DailyDeal back, the brothers bought back the company for an undisclosed sum. One month later, they set up Heilemann & Co to “diversify business activities”.

So far, Heilemann & Co has worked with about ten clients, providing help with HR, business intelligence, marketing and customer relationship management to companies including JustBook, 6Wunderkinder, Toroleo and family office Liesner & Co.

The agency lists 11 team members on its website. That number is likely to grow – last week, DailyDeal went through a restructuring that led to 30 layoffs out of 145 staff with another 30 employees switching to Heilemann & Co, investment arm Heilemann Ventures and new projects still unannounced.

Harting, who until recently was one of three managing partners at Berlin-based VC Catagonia Capital, will also provide support to Heilemann Ventures, which has made about 13 investments so far including Scondoo, Vamos and Loopcam.

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