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Rocket Internet's HelloFresh teams up with dieting app Noom Written by Michelle Kuepper on 4. April 2013


HelloFresh, Rocket Internet’s recipe and ingredient delivery service, has partnered with weight-loss coaching app Noom to provide dieters with nutritionally controlled meals they can prepare themselves.


New York-based Noom (which ironically reminds our team of the om nom nom meme craze) will initially roll out the partnership in the US, according to TechCrunch, before expanding the cooperation to HelloFresh locations internationally. Headquartered in Berlin, HelloFresh is available in Germany, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, France and the US.

Riding on the trend of home cooking, Noom users will be able to integrate their diet plan into the food ordering service – so HelloFresh will deliver low calorie recipes and all ingredients needed to make them to users’ door. The weight loss meal plans come with the promise that they can be cooked in under 30 minutes.

width="300"Convenience does come at a price, though: the service costs $69 per week, not including tax, for three two-portion meals. The revenue will be shared between the two services, though at the moment Noom is taking responsibility for managing the partnership – there is no sign of the collaboration on the HelloFresh website, while Noom only provides a “powered by HelloFresh” tagline on its site.

Adding to the value for calorie-counting dieters, each of the recipes includes a QR code that can be scanned to show the nutritional values of a meal. These numbers are then automatically logged in the user’s Noom dieting account.

As is the case with most Rocket Internet ventures, HelloFresh has thus far had no trouble receiving funding. It’s backed by Holtzbrinck Ventures and Kinnevik, and announced a fresh funding round of $10m from Vorwerk Ventures in December last year. And this partnership could prove to be a very lucrative one for the service – considering that the dieting industry is worth $20b in the US alone, providing spend-happy dieters with a hassle free way to cook healthy meals could reap real rewards for the site.

Available on Android and iOS, Noom includes nifty features like a pedometer and allows diesters to avoid obsessively counting every calorie by dividing food into three levels of green, yellow and red depending on how healthy they are. So far, it has received funding from Qualcomm Ventures, Harbor Pacific Capital, Kleiner Perkins and M8 Capital.

Image credit: flickr user Tim Dorr

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