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Here's how one Berlin founder and his developer are using Pair Written by Marguerite Imbert on 20. April 2012

Remember that article we wrote on Pair, the social network designed for couples (that premiered at Y Combinator’s Demo Day)? While other tech outlets were emphasizing the romantic implications of the platform, and Linsey Lohan was maybe or maybe not getting paid to tweet about it, we were talking about its more professional potential, from sharing fabric samples with your interior decorator, to exchanging screen shots with your developer.
As it turns out, some people have been using the platform for some intention-extraneous use cases. Today, while eating lunch with a Berlin-based founder, he showed us how he and his team’s developer are making use of the platform (potty shots excluded).
“I think he’s going to break up with me soon, though,” this guy told us in the car ride back. “He wants to try it out with his long-distance girlfriend.” (Pair only let’s you engage in one ‘relationship’ at a time.)
So, clearly they’re making use of the doodle function, but sometimes they’re also sharing pics like this one (above), after launching the company’s new website, for instance (which I find below a doodle of a toilet). But what are they really digging? The automatic “I’m missing you” message feature. They use it a lot.
“We’re so close as a team. It’s really like a family. We’re always joking around,” he told me. “It’s stuff you would share on Facebook, I guess, but it’s kind of fun that it’s only with one other person.”
What’s the last message on the feed? “I’m on that bridge where we first kissed.” I ask him if that’s a pre-formatted message too.
“Oh ya,” he laughs, turning from the wheel. “It’s cause we were supposed to meet on a bridge that day. I tell you, we’re always joking.” While we can’t reveal the nature of the Pair exactly, we can say, they’re working on an app for dares. And we have to hand it to them…it’s pretty fly (I already dared someone to put my Facebook Timeline on the cover of their magazine). And their blog is engaging, too, which counts for a lot. Thanks for sharing, guys!
Happy Friday, Villagers! Use something for…something else.