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Here's what people get wrong about AI Written by Christine G. Coester on 12. December 2016

Max Koziolek, co-founder of the Berlin startup Spectrm, told Startup Notes what most people usually get wrong about artificial intelligence in their most recent podcast.

“I think there’s a lot of things people get wrong about AI. It is very easy to talk about AI as just the capability to do the same as the human brain does, but that is very different. AI is a part of machine-learning /…/ first there is a machine, which works fundamentally different compared to human brain. You need billions of videos to train AI in order for it to recognize a cat in a video for example, which is something a 3 year old can do very easily.”

In this episode:

  • Common misconceptions about artificial intelligence and why Max believes AI is an overrated buzzword.
  • Why Max thinks that online content distribution is broken and how chatbots create new opportunities to create personalized content for individual users.
  • How hacking WhatsApp and the Facebook messenger lead to a partnership with Facebook.
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