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Here's where clever healthcare ideas win awards Written by Sponsored Post on 22. May 2017

How can health become even more digital?

From Dr. Google to health apps to electronic health records and online pharmacies – digitalization has become an integral part of healthcare. What is the goal? To develop new solutions for people with insurance, increase efficiency and transparency, improve forms of care and offer networking opportunities. The industry has enormous potential and many issues have not been touched.
Important questions addressed include: How can doctors diagnose illnesses at an earlier stage? Can diagnoses be made in a digital fashion? How can you save costs – and how do you introduce patients to digital transformation?
To find and support the development of answers, the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) has started the Health-i Initiative (German) in cooperation with Handelsblatt, a national German newspaper.
Do you have an idea about how to improve the healthcare system? Apply now to Health-i and make sure you get the support you need to put your idea into practice!

Digital preventive care: Health-i explores the future of healthcare

The 2016 Health-i Award ceremony in Berlin.

The 2016 Health-i Award ceremony in Berlin.

With Health-i, we are looking for and supporting the most innovative and promising young talents, startups and companies in the field of health and healthcare management. The main event of the initiative will be the Health-i Award ceremony on November 16 in Berlin. Here, the TK and Handelsblatt will offer participants the opportunity to present their ideas before a panel of experts.

Who can apply?

The Health-i Initiative is looking for the widest possible range of promising project ideas. If you are interested, you can submit your ideas by 15 June 2017 in the following three categories:
Young talent
For the “Young talent” category, the TK and Handelsblatt are looking for students or young talent who are interested in a modern healthcare system. Apply now if you have an idea that has potential when it comes to changing the health market. Click here to apply (German).
The startup scene is fertile ground for groundbreaking ideas that turn traditional models upside down. Startups often lack not only the financial support for implementing their ideas on a large scale, but also access to the highly regulated and corporation-dominated market. The Health-i Initiative is their opportunity to enter the market. Startups that are younger than five years old (founded after 1 January 2012), have fewer than ten employees and have innovative technologies or business models in the field of electronic health can apply here (German).
Besides the prospect of winning the Health-i Award, startups also have the opportunity to qualify for the TK Accelerator and the subsequent Innovation Day (German). This coaching program takes three months to complete and ends with the Innovation Day on November 7 in Berlin.
Companies that have been in business for a while (small and medium-sized companies, corporations and subsidiaries) can also receive support. What are the requirements for a successful application? If your company has already developed innovative products or successfully implemented ground-breaking projects that have a lasting effect on the traditional healthcare systems, you may be eligible for support. Companies can apply here (German).

Opportunities for winners of the Health-i Award

At the Health-i Award ceremony, we do not simply put participants’ ideas on stage and in front of a top-class audience. The finalists also have the opportunity to network with many important drivers in the healthcare industry. The three winners benefit from media exposure in Handelsblatt and are provided with ideal conditions for networking and development. The winner in the “Young talent” category also gets to take a look behind the scenes at TK and Handelsblatt.

Startups, students and companies can apply now for the 2017 Health-i Award (German) and turn our healthcare system inside out with their ideas.

Photo credit: EyeEm/Mohamad Zaki Mokhtar