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Marco Boerries, the "German Bill Gates" to deliver second Heureka! keynote Written by Linsey Fryatt on 4. May 2012

Marco Boerries, the man behind OpenOffice, StarFinanz and Yahoo Connected Life and often referred to as “The German Bill Gates” had just been announced as another keynote speaker at the Heureka! conference on Monday.
Boerries will join Sebastian Siemiatkowski as a keynote speaker and will conclude proceedings with an inspirational presentation. In fact, we’re proud to announce our full stellar lineup of speakers, ready to share their business know-how with you.

The full Heureka! speaker lineup

Below is the list of the great and the good that will be taking part in talks and panel discussions at Heureka! They will provide insights into current and future trends, cutting-edge concepts and encouragement to implement your own Heureka! moment.
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width="162"[speaker name=”Sebastian Siemiatkowski” company=”Klarna”] width="162"[speaker name=”Marco Boerries” company=”NumberFour”] width="162"[speaker name=”Klaus Hommels” company=”Springstar”]
width="162"[speaker name=”Stefan Glänzer” company=”Passion Capital”] width="162"[speaker name=”David Khalil” company=”Affinitas”] width="162"[speaker name=”Alexander Kudlich” company=”Rocket Internet”]
width="162"[speaker name=”Lukasz Gadowski” company=”Team Europe”] width="162"[speaker name=”Zoe Adamovicz” company=”Xyologic”] width="162"[speaker name=”Markus Fuhrmann” company=”Delivery Hero”]
width="162"[speaker name=”Jochen Krisch” company=”Exciting Commerce”] width="162"[speaker name=”Niklas Östberg” company=”Delivery Hero”] width="162"[speaker name=”Gerrit Schumann” company=”simfy”]
width="162"[speaker name=”Olaf Jacobi” company=”Target Partners”] width="162"[speaker name=”Christoph Janz” company=”Point Nine Capital”] width="162"[speaker name=”Axel Hesse” company=”Gutscheinpony”]
width="162"[speaker name=”Nenad Marovac” company=”DN Capital”] width="162"[speaker name=”Kolja Hebenstreit” company=”Team Europe”] width="162"[speaker name=”Florian Heinemann” company=”Project A”]
width="162"[speaker name=”Max Niederhofer” company=”Accel Partners”] width="162"[speaker name=”Florian Meissner” company=”EyeEm”] width="162"[speaker name=”Joel Kaczmarek” company=”Gründerszene”]
width="162"[speaker name=”Florian Mück” company=”The Seven Minute Star”] width="162"[speaker name=”Sven Achter” company=”Holtzbrinck Ventures”] width="162"[speaker name=”Ralf Hirt” company=”Glam Media”]
width="162"[speaker name=”Stephan Jacquemot” company=”Microsoft BizSpark”] width="162"[speaker name=”Jeroen Seghers” company=”Zugo”] width="162"[speaker name=”Jörg Binnenbrücker” company=”DuMont Venture”]
width="162"[speaker name=”Phillip Möhring” company=”Seedcamp”] width="162"[speaker name=”Michael Jackson” company=”Mangrove”] width="162"[speaker name=”Roman Kirsch” company=”Fab”]
width="162"[speaker name=”Dave Snyder” company=”Steelcast”] width="162"[speaker name=”Henrik Berggren” company=”readmill”] width="162"[speaker name=”Ijad Madisch” company=”ResearchGate”]

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  2. Date: Monday, 7 May 2012
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