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Strategy, startups, sausages and Smurfs – the best Tweets and quotes from Heureka! Written by Linsey Fryatt on 8. May 2012


We’ve sniffed out the best quote truffles from yesterday’s Heureka! conference to bring you the most interesting bits from our panel discussions, the most inspiring sayings that caught people’s attention, and some downright weird stuff from Twitter – enjoy! You can also see our citizen image gallery right here...

From the Heureka! stage

“It’s harder to get rid of your investor than your wife” Stefan Glaenzer
“Strategy is what not to do: You chase 99 ideas and do the one” Gerrit Schumann (Simfy)
“My three mantras: Get right passionate people, develop the Minimum Viable Product, focus on the KPI’s” Felix Haas (Amiando)
“We take risk-free opportunities first. It’s easier to execute what’s already worked” Lukasz Gadowski (Team Europe)
“Use the network that you have, if you don’t have one: Better get one fast” Henrik Berggren (Readmill)
“And get your investors drunk” Henrik Berggren (Readmill)
“We invest in everything that is not wet” Olaf Jacobi (Target Partners)
“We find ourselves in the gender-trap: Most of the online-shops are designed by men, but the majority of the customers are female” Jochen Krisch (Exciting Commerce)
“When you just come out of university and you are looking for a job, go to a startup that is extremely product-driven. There you get the right skills” Matthäus Krzykowski (Xyologic)
“The Smurfs are my inspiration: they are entrepreneurial, they have guys who know their shit, and they know how to have fun” Markus Fuhrmann (Delivery Hero)
“If you want to build a successfull company, you cant just follow TechCrunch, you have to find something you just believe in and work on it until it gets trendy” Sebastian Siemiatkowski
“Raising money is like flirting – don’t return those calls immediately Sebastian Siemiatkowski
“When I was 14, my Grandma gave me 20.000 to invest. She told me that she would cover my losses so I could go full leverage. I invested in Puma and made 100K buggs” Klaus Hommels
‘The world doesn’t need less orcs, it needs more Gandalfs” – Florian Muek, 7MinuteStar

From Twitter #HRK12

@olafjacobi: very good conference #HRK12 thanks
@toetoe agreed. Good people, good content. One of the better events lately
@techberlin “Rocket Internet currently launches 1 company per week”. How many do you shut down?
@pointninecap We had a really great day @heurekaconf and looking forward for 2013
@readmill We’re all out of high fives. Thanks to @heurekaconf for a great start to the day!
@Startup_Hipster At Heureka. Was busy all night creating the slides for all of today’s talkers. Dedicated to awesomeness
@nicolesimon Loving how easy it is to connect with people here, everybody is interested in each other #hrk12
@thiemogillissen Conference laynyards are the new tits. @_stue1 #hrk12
@linseyfryatt How long am I prepared to wait for a sausage. Half an hour it seems
@battlcom Networking on steroids #HRK12
@creativdestruct The #hrk12 stage music makes me really want to watch #StarWarslike right now