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Hottest jobs in Berlin this week, according to Borat Written by Charmaine Li on 24. February 2012

What would your last boss say about you if I called him up…?

Screw that. Watch this Borat clip. Happy Friday, job searchers. May you find the right fit, again and again. See below for our favorite positions listed in Berlin this week, and check out the rest of our content for the coolest companies in Berlin!

VentureVillage is looking for an awesome News Editor

Venture Village LogoVentureVillage is on the lookout for a new member of the team. An absolute natural, you’ll know how to scour the tech wires to find the best stories from the best sources out there. We also need you to be able to write clever, original copy with a unique spin that almost always goes viral. This is the job for a die-hard tech and startup fan, who also happens to be a kick-ass journalist with loads of compelling writing experience. If you’re interested, send a brief email, CV, links to published material, one news article in Venture Village style (150-200 words) and 3x News feature treatment ideas (these don’t need to be long, just rough outlines of some ideas for cool articles) to Let the race begin! needs: Hardcore Product/UX-Manager and Visual Inyourface Designer

tape tv LogoWho is the you we are looking for? You are progressive like Kraftwerk, you are around the world like Daftpunk and you can tell a real guitar from a guitar hero-controller. Your experience working as Product/UX-Manager or Visual Interface Designer will allow you to push music television to a new dimension, and what better place to do that than (Editor’s favorite) is music television for the digital age currentlylooking for positive, enthusiastic, energetic, creative software developers to help us to build on our success. You will be a member of a crack team, developing new features, incorporating new technologies and bringing to new audiences on an array of devices/platform from the traditional PC to SmartTVs. Note of interest: If you faint, when #1-rockstars ask if they can take a ride in your bus, this is not the right place for you. If you don’t care, (because you know you are cooler than all of them) apply NOW via

Amen needs: A kick-ass web engineer

Amen LogoWho is the you we are looking for? You are an experienced professional with knowledge of the latest web technologies. You dream in CSS, breathe Javascript, careaboutYSlow scores, and love iterating on a piece of UI until it works just right. You’ve worked closely with a designer to not only build UI but provide ideas and experiments about what’s possible. You have an unhealthy love for responsive user interfaces, and work hard to help people get as much done as quickly as possible. You’re not precious about dropping into some Ruby on Rails to see how things work. You are open-minded, flexible, down with startup life, excited about fixing problems, and you’re a team player. To apply send a letter or CV along with samples of your work to

Webhype Needs: A programmer/pythonista/ninja/rockstar

Under-funded, over-motivated new startup is looking for a second technical cofounder to make us a trio. What do we do? We’re working on aggregating, categorizing and contextualizing data from across the internet in a business context, and evaluating people based on an algorithm that is fed by the gathered data. Whew!
(Note: If you’re looking for a position at some cookie-cutter webapp you can stop reading right here). Equity is up for discussion. We are looking for someone who’s flexible (can go from “let’s hack this prototype in 12 hrs to launch our MVP” to “let’s rewrite this class until it’s cleaner than Meister Propers bald head”) creative, willing to learn and willing to object. You also need to enjoy writing code (duh). Benefits include a constant supply of Club Mate. If you’re interested, contact us via

For jobs in German, check out our sister magazine’s weekly listing here at Gruenderszene.