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HP is inviting app publishers to join its Continuum Accelerator Written by Sponsored Post on 6. September 2016

With the imminent launch of its new smartphone model, the HP Elite x3, the mobile constructor invited developers to join the HP Continuum Accelerator. The objective: integrate new apps to the HP Workspace.
The HP Elite x3 should finally go to market in September. Long­awaited since the announcement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this new device will combine the characteristics of a phone, a tablet and a computer, allowing business people to perform tasks without changing device thanks to Continuum, the new Windows 10 feature.
That’s why the american brand is inviting app publishers from Germany, France and the UK to join the HP Continuum Accelerator, in order for them to integrate their apps ­ either iOS, Android or Windows ­ in the HP Workspace, the virtualized app­management technology for the Elite x3.
After registering for the program, publishers can attend a DevLab Day in Berlin (27th September), where they will discover Continuum and start working on their own apps, supported by HP and Continuum experts. Publishers will then benefit from two weeks of technical support within the accelerator in October.
Once the finalized apps are published at the end of the accelerator, the six best apps will be rewarded with €5,000 each.
Register now for the HP Continuum Accelerator! ­

How does it work?

Step 1
First of all, if you’ve published an app on iOS, Android or Windows, you can apply for the HP Continuum Accelerator on the dedicated website ­
Step 2 (optional)
Once accepted to the program, you’re invited to join the DevLab day, either in Paris (13th September), London (20th September) or Berlin (27th September). During this DevLab day, you’ll get the chance to learn about the Elite X3, Continuum, iOS bridge and how to make your app compatible, while being assisted by HP and Microsoft experts.
Step 3 (optional)
After the DevLab day, you can benefit from two weeks of coaching and technical support on the Accelerator Platform. HP and Microsoft mentors will be online to help you out, answer questions and be available for a quick 1­on­1.
Step 4
Lastly, you’ll publish your Continuum app and earn €5,000 if you’re in the top six!
Want more info on HP Elite x3 and the Continuum Accelerator? Check out the website or contact