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Hug Salad – step into the wonderful and ridiculous world of startup satire Written by HEUREKA editorial on 30. August 2013

The startup world is an amazing, inspirational, ridiculous place. We love the fact that P2P pony-sharing, “Spotify for Cheesemongers” and a “Latvian Mark Zuckerberg” have been on our radars recently.

So we decided that the time was ripe to launch our very own startup comic strip. It’s called Hug Salad.

don't be evil

It’s the brainchild of VentureVillage and super-talented Berlin-based cartoon artist Josh Bauman, also known as Caffeinated Toothpaste.

Josh AvatarJosh explains why he partnered up with us for the project: “The idea of satirising the world of startups is so appealing because each of these comics could be happening in some poorly lit (and worse-smelling) unlicensed coworking space. And they could be making someone rich.”

We’ll be publishing a new comic strip every Thursday, loosely based on the wacky world of startups. If you have any suggestions for subjects that Josh should cover, please let us know if the comments below, and remember to Like, Share and spread the Hug Salad love.

Click here to step into the world of Hug Salad…