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IBM SmartCamp EMEA finalists announced – Poikos, Viewsy to fight it out in Berlin Written by HEUREKA editorial on 9. November 2012



Keen for a little international startup action in Berlin? Ten startups from across Europe, including Pioneers Festival 2012 startup challenge winner Poikos, are heading to Berlin to compete in the IBM SmartCamp EMEA regional finals next week

The event (13-14 November, open day on the 14th) features keynote speakers, networking and a startup pitch competition. The winner will go on to represent Europe at the world SmartCamp finals in New York against peers from 23 countries.

The ten European contenders for Berlin are:

PoikosPoikos (Amsterdam)

Poikos, led by Eleanor Watson (pictured above with IBM’s Technology & Innovation Executive Kees Donker), is working on user-friendly software that takes body measurements through a webcam or smartphone (patent-pending). Possible applications abound for online clothing retail, fitness, medical uses… A rival, for clothing retail, is UPcload in Berlin.

ViewsyViewsy (London)

Pitching itself as the “Holy Grail of Retail”, Viewsy – based in London and Amsterdam – is an analytics platform dedicated to understanding customer behaviour in actual, physical spaces. It “digitises” the real world and tracks shop visits through anonymous phone data.

Captain DashCaptainDash (Paris)

The “ultimate dashboard for marketers” – automatically generates reports, matches sales data to other analytics factors in real-time, aims to make sure all relevant data is in one place and a joy to navigate. Very swish website design, for what it’s worth…

JoulexJouleX (Munich)

Headquartered in Atlanta but with offices in several other spots including Munich, JouleX offers tools for companies to monitor, analyse and control their energy consumption. Founded in 2009.

ExatechExa-Tech (Istanbul)

Turkish sports analytics pioneer Exa-Tech tracks players’ movements on-field and turns out data for broadcasters, clubs, scouts and fans alike.

GoReportGoReport (Derry)

GoReport, the flagship product from Belfast’s MobileReport, aims to replace paper note-taking with automatic cloud-based reports. Aimed at sectors including property, construction, insurance, manufacturing, environmental monitoring and healthcare.

CellBuddyCell Buddy (Tel Aviv)

An idea that should appeal to international travellers – aims to beat the high prices charged by telcos and offer an alternative way to roam, through Cell Buddy‘s global network.

CanvasdroprCanvasDropr (Copenhagen)

Founded in 2011 by Cathrine Andersen and Christian Rasmussen, CanvasDropr is a tool for visual collaboration – a little like a visual Dropbox mixed with the real-time editing. The company is now active in 140 countries.

Clear ReturnsClear Returns (Dublin)

Clear Returns offers intelligence software to predict and prevent product returns at the point of sale.

PanamNavPanamNav (Barcelona)

Also a finalist at the Pioneers Festival, PanamNav claims to be the first ever global navigation satellite system (GNSS) authentication service. As the pitch went at Pioneers, “the world is becoming digital and mobile, we are all dynamic avatars in the cloud… You need to show that you are here and now”.


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