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Ideas in Motion: Berlin incubator for newcomers in Germany Written by Christine G. Coester on 21. March 2017

Another business incubator has come to Berlin, but this one is focused exclusively on newcomers.
“We want to welcome newcomers and make the German startup scene accessible,” Sima Gatea of Ideas in Motion tells The Heureka.
Gatea is also co-founder of SINGA Deutschland, an organization which connects individuals who “often unexpectedly [come] to Germany” with opportunities and locals.
Ideas in Motion was launched by SINGA Deutschland in tandem with Project Re:start, another Berlin-based organization looking to provide newcomers with equal opportunities.

Ideas in Motion's 2017 participants.

Ideas in Motion’s 2017 participants.

The Ideas in Motion incubator is also kicking off a 6-week-long crowdfunding campaign Tuesday, with the hopes of raising €24,000, or roughly €3,000 for each of their eight participants. The campaign itself is part of a larger contest called the Deutsche Integrationspreis, put on by the Hertie Foundation.
The money raised will be used to cover the costs of the program, by helping pay for workshops and co-working spaces in Berlin, where the entrepreneurs can focus on their work, Gatea shares.
One participant, the 29-year-old Maher Ismaail, says his experience with the incubator, which started in March, has been good so far.
There are two workshops every week and they cover a variety of topics: “Sometimes about leadership; we also learned about human-centered design and design thinking,” he shares.
Ismaail and his co-founder, Hosheng Ibrahim, joined Ideas in Motion in order to secure funding for their idea Dalili (Arabic for my guide), an app that aggregates the different services and initiatives available to refugees in Germany.
Dalili co-founders Maher Ismail and Hosheng Ibrahim.

Dalili co-founders Maher Ismail and Hosheng Ibrahim.

The idea was born out of Ismaail’s own frustrations when first coming to Germany: He spent 10 months looking for opportunities to continue his profession after leaving Damascus, Syria. “I am not the only suffering from a lack of information,” he says.
Ideas in Motion will help them take their idea to the next level, the computer programer shares.
The incubator, which runs for five months, “works with actors in Berlin’s startup scene to identify the challenges, like language, legal advice, networking, money, access – finding ways to address them,” Gatea says.

Photos via Ideas in Motion