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Data converter gets €700,000 from Wellington Partners, Alta Vista founder Written by Charmaine Li on 21. March 2013

London-based web to database converter today announced a €700,000 seed round from European VC Wellington Partners, Alta Vista founder Louis Monier and French tech investor Emmanuel Javal., founded in June, 2012, aims to let users tap into the vast potential of the web, by letting companies, developers and coders extract and fuse sources of data to build new data sets and apps.

Louis Monier

The tool can be used by anyone from event listers to data journalists and retail trend analysts. “[’s] technology turns the common, unglamorous and time-consuming task of gathering data into a simple, almost fun, exercise,” said Monier (pictured left).

“Anyone who can use a spreadsheet can now collect and combine data from multiple sources and have it available through an API. Their technology is set to revolutionize data collection for companies of all sizes.”

Companies and organisations currently using the service include a group of teen coders who used it to build a web app to inform young voters (Why Waste A Vote), national health service data startup Smartward (a London Startup Weekend winner) and PlanVine, a Seedcamp startup that provides web sites with event data.

Image credit: flickr user loiclemeur

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