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Infographic: The anatomy of a Berlin startup Written by Charmaine Li on 10. September 2013

Despite most people claiming to work more than 40 hours per week, it seems that – in general – employees at Berlin startups are quite happy. Over 60 per cent reported they were satisfied with their jobs even though 63 per cent said they did not feel secure in their position, according to an online survey we conducted with more than 150 respondents.

We created the survey to find out the real state of the Berlin startup scene – beyond the ping pong tables, hipster stereotype and catered lunches. With your help, we’ve discovered some interesting insights on the realities of working at a startup job in the German capital.

According to survey participants, the international environment, entrepreneurial spirit and ability to take on more responsibility were among the top reasons why people liked working at a startup. Interestingly – though not surprising – 23 per cent said they were paid “not at all well”.

For more key findings from the survey, check out our infographic here (click image for full size):

The Anatomy of a Berlin Startup

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