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Infographic: Want to move to Germany? Here's your to-do list Written by Michelle Kuepper on 6. August 2013

With its strong economy, international population and blossoming startup scene, Germany continues to attract expats from all over the globe. What many don’t realise though is that there can be a massive downside to exploring the country’s bustling metropoles and endless forests: the German bureaucracy.

Figuring out what visa you need, how to register your place of residence or how long until you’ll receive a work permit can be a nightmare, with the infamous “amts” (government offices) causing terror for Germans and non-Germans alike.

Expat organisation and community GLOBALS has published an infographic with the information you’ll need to help make your move to Germany less of a hassle. Read on and start getting organised (click through twice to get the full-sized image)…


Image credit: German flags Flickr user smitty42

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