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Infographic: The pros and cons of working at a startup Written by Charmaine Li on 13. September 2013

Free lunches and fussball tables might be perceived as popular benefits among offices these days, but company perks didn’t even make it to the top five pros of working at a startup in our online startup survey. When asked what employees liked most about working at a young company, good team dynamics and an open work environment were among the most commonly named reasons.

“For the most part, the culture of a startup is very different to a large, established corporation. It feels more personal, and employee ideas still have a chance of being heard,” wrote one participant.

On the other hand, survey respondents – who worked across a variety of departments with highest participation from marketing, business development and engineering – named a lack of organisational structure and low salary as the downsides of joining a startup.

Though a certain amount of hype can be good for a startup ecosystem in terms of bringing in talent, it can also breed a culture of self-righteousness and “evangelic startup people preaching that their companies are something like the Mecca”, said one respondent.

To see how your experience stacks up or whether the startup life is for you, take a look at our infographic weighing the pros and cons of working at a startup (click for full size)…

Pros and cons of working at a startup

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