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Introducing Instaglasses – the ultimate Berlin hipster accessory? Written by Linsey Fryatt on 25. June 2012


Berlin-based graphic designer Markus Gerke has come up with an ingenious concept that could mean Berlin hipsters never have to face the harsh realities of life again. Instaglasses will let Lomo-loving lo-fi enthusiasts look at the world though Instagram-tinted shades at all times.
Although merely a concept at the moment that Gerke submitted to creative showcase, the tech is not a million miles away from the “Google Glasses” Project Glass Android eyewear that’s being developed right now.
The concept centres around an embedded Instagram button fitted to the shades. A button on one arm lets you flick through filters, while the other allows you to snap what you see, before uploading the image wirelessly to your Instagram account. Genius.
The graphic designer, who has worked for ad agencies including Scholz & Friends created the concept as a pet project, but has been overwhelmed with interest in his fictional but fantastic design concept: “A week ago it appeared to me that with current technology like Google Glasses it would be possible to take applications like Instagram to a new level. Since I’m into graphics I took it to myself and realized it as a graphical concept. I have no plans to take this concept further. It’s fictional only.”
We think that these will be on the streets of Neukölln before you can say “Vignette”…

instaglasses 2