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iPad 3 4G lands in Germany – but can you get 4G in your area? Written by Linsey Fryatt on 8. March 2012

iPad 3

The iPad 3 is coming to Germany – and the good news is that it will be available in 4G LTE form, meaning that it can connect to new mobile networks for super-fast browsing speeds – perfect to showcase its nippy new A5X processor.
Read on for full pricing and release dates, plus check your area for 4G below…
iPad 3

The third coming of Apple’s wonder-gadget was officially announced yesterday evening at 7pm CET (10am PST). And amidst the flurry of expected updates, including Retina display, beefed-up 1GB capacity and speedy new processor, was news that the new iPad 3 would come toting capability to connect to 4G LTE networks.
Great news for our cousins in the US, but no direct mention was made of whether the 4G iPad 3 would be available in Germany, or other European countries that had access to LTE 4G networks, leading many to speculate that Europe would miss out on the first round of 4G models.

German Apple Store updated

But late last night, after the usual tantalising site downtime, lifted the lid on its new suite of iPad 3S – including a suite of 4G LTE versions. The most basic iPad model starts at €479, while an entry-level 4G model will set you back €599. Read below the jump for how to check for 4G in your area…

ipad 3 price

4G in your area?

The good news is that Germany is leading the way in Europe for LTE 4G roll-out, with a network that’s growing faster than most. Vodafone, O2 and T-Mobile (Telekom) are the major players and an almost 100 per cent coverage of Germany is predicted for the end of 2102.
In the meantime, use our handy 4G checker links to ensure you’re covered in your kiez…
Check Vodafone Germany LTE 4G coverage
Check Telekom Germany LTE 4G coverage
Check O2 Germany LTE 4G coverage
Image credit: flickr user Robert S. Donovan