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iPhone is Germany's top smartphone choice Written by Linsey Fryatt on 7. February 2012


A recent report conducted by Madvertise has put the iPhone at the top of the German smartphone pile, beating stiff competition from Android to retain its crown.
The mobile advertising network evaluated its 1.4 billion monthly page impressions and uncovered the top trends in the smartphone markets in Europe.
The iPhone and iOS managed to retain its leading position in Germany, with 34.67 per cent of the market share, compared to 32.84 for Android.
Overall in Europe, the iPhone still reigned supreme, clocking in 29.66 per cent of the market opposed to 23.61 per cent for Android at the end of last year.
Surprisingly, RIM and saw a drastic increase in BlackBerry usage too, clocking in a respectable 22.95 per cent of the European market at the end of December.

Android leading in US and UK

Elsewhere in the world the iPhone is losing its grip, however, with Android leading the markets in the USA and the UK. A recent report by the NPD (National Purchase Diary) in the US puts Android marginally in the lead of overall smartphone users, with 48 per cent versus 43 per cent who favour the iPhone.
Android is also the chosen handset of first-time smartphone buyers in the US, taking 57 per cent of the market, compared with a relatively small 34 per cent for iPhone.
The same Madvertise European report shows that the UK also favours Android, with 46.6 per cent of the market share, compared with 30.9 for the iPhone.
What do you think? Will the iPhone lose its crown in Germany too? Let us know in the comments box below…