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Calling all unemployed Romney campaigners – Berlin startup ItsPlatonic has jobs for you Written by Michelle Kuepper on 8. November 2012


Berlin startup ItsPlatonic is offering respite for unfortunate Mitt Romney campaigners faced with the harsh reality of unemployment post-election.

The startup that describes itself as being “like an online dating site but for friendship instead of romance” has come up with a suprising offer – all Mitt Romney’s campaigners need to do to score an internship at ItsPlatonic is raise their hands and start. The internships are all online, solving the problem of expensive flights and relocation to Berlin.

So far, the startup, currently working out of the Startupbootcamp incubator in Berlin, has had their first bite, with one former campaigner signing up for an internship. Josh Jacobson, ItsPlatonic’s American CEO (pictured below), anticipates that 20, if not more, interns will be joining the team.

Jacobson says he is sympathetic to the plight of Romney’s campaigners: “His staff shouldn’t feel alone, or without direction, during this tough time.”

width="130"The offer stems from his personal experience in politics, with Jacobson aware of the devastating effects a loss can have on supporters and staff of a party, though he says he has no connection to the Republican party itself.

“ItsPlatonic has decided to offer Romney’s campaign workers an automatic internship to provide them with their next career, as well as a site to use to make new friends in the aftermath of the results.”

Come one, come all…

It’s not just former Romney staff who have been offered the internship, but also members of any national campaign within ten points of victory – so the startup is throwing a wide net. The team, which is looking for people to work in marketing, translation and tech development, believe these near successes in the election show experience in marketing and building relationships.

And what are the rewards for the interns? Sponsorship for college credit, recommendations for their CV and, potentially, a job at the startup.

How ItsPlatonic would cope with a surge of interest from Romney’s campaigners is questionable – though they have specified that the internships will be unpaid, it would be challenging for a team of five fulltime employees to manage a host of new interns.

Jacobson says they will be using a WorkFlowy project management system, with different tiers of difficulty, to dictate the roles interns will take on depending on their skills and experience. It’s recruiting with a definite twist…

Image credit: AJC1

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