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Jobs of the week: And why we want you as our weatherman Written by Charmaine Li on 11. May 2012

Finding the perfect job requires the task of introspection: What are you suited for and moreover what aren’t you? These days, our interests conflate with our professions. Especially in Berlin. We’re founders, but DJs on the side, writers and community managers but also expert chefs and Mad Men enthusiasts. Despite the jobless trek to someone else’s ideal station in the world, you end up finding yourself dissatisfied and unchallenged. Thanks to Prince Charles, who found himself reading the weather this week, we’re reminded to remind you: Try something new! (Hey, if you can’t find one, you can always be our weatherman.)

BGPM needs a German and English-speaking communication strategist


This American gone-German company is on the hunt for a Communication strategist with a particular talent for social media. In the position, you’ll need to deliver user-focused campaigns and coordinate strategies with suppliers and the HQ communications department. Required background? Communications experience, particularly in Internet and mobile technologies, connections to key media and other influencers, and fluency in German and English. If interested, send your CV, photo and salary expectation to

Urbanara needs a rockstar to head up their online marketing

Urbanara LogoURBANARA is an innovative internet retailer that sources textiles from producers around the world and delivers them to the customer’s doorstep. They are currently recruiting a Head of Online Marketing to drive customer acquisition and retention on the UK and German site and our future markets. Highly creative, data driven and with a passion for e-commerce, you will be responsible for setting the global online marketing strategy, kickstarting their online marketing in the UK and ensuring successful execution to achieve ambitious revenue targets. To apply, send your CV to including the job title and your name in the subject.

greatcontent needs a great writer who’s ready to critique their site is a fast growing SEO text writing service based in Berlin. Their pool of pre-qualified writers creates any kind of texts in seven languages for Internet clients all over Europe. Are you convincing, charismatic, and a native in English? Are you a natural at grammar, eloquence, and literary persuasion? Please e-mail your CV, a brief statement of motivation and a short evaluation of what you don’t like about their website to (Editor’s note: They want you to be very, very honest.)

Team Europe needs an inspiring M&A Director

Team Europe is looking for a M&A Director to work directly with the Team Europe partners and portfolio CEOs while consulting & supporting all M&A plans. What for? To support buy-side and sell-side mandates as well as potential IPOs and large fundraising. If you love numbers and facts, have several years of experience in M&A, investment banking or comparable experience, are a strategist and a creative problem solver then apply now under