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Berlin startup Juvalia & You reveals brilliant "Call Me Maybe" spoof Written by Marguerite Imbert on 2. August 2012

Berlin’s irreverent startup scene has authored a good handful of homemade viral hits, from Blitzkrieg to Shit Silicon Allee Says to that Amen city guide you couldn’t get off your Facebook news feed even if you tried. But this week’s masterpiece from the online jewelry startup Juvalia & You takes things to a whole new level. Our advice? Press play and repeat.

“Call Me Maybe” spoof gets users dialing in

Set in the company’s Berlin office on Karl Liebknecht Strasse, the brilliantly shot and edited video is terrifying and adorable at the same time. It’s sort of like if “That’s Why I Chose Yale” mated with Boticca’s “Sorry for Party Rocking” Parody and suddenly got very, very goodlooking.
“Why are they all so fucking hot?” said one Berlin scenester when I shared it with her on Facebook chat this morning. “We produce a lot of videos on our YouTube page so we decided, ‘Why not do one about ourselves?'” said Juvalia & You CEO Magnus Resch, who thought up the video along with the team’s marketing manager Charlotte Collet. “I always look out the window and think, ‘we should do something outside.’ It only took us about two hours.”
Major points for creativity and effort. If only more Berlin startups would take off their shirts and run around the streets singing. Or, do you have some video you’re hiding that you’d like to show us?
What a world, what a world…