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Tell us your craziest startup sacrifice and win TOA tickets Written by Marguerite Imbert on 20. July 2012

As you may have heard in the shuffle this week, KLASH and VentureVillage are looking to find the baddest badass startup in Berlin. Have you pitched in a mankini on live TV? Did you marry a stranger to extend your work permit? Would you sell your racing car? Study the moving patterns of Christophe Maire in the Soho House to increase the likelihood of running into him at the toilet? (eesh)
To apply, send us a jpg of your team (extra props if you are partially naked and/or covered in paint) to In this email, include a short description of what you’ve done, or what one of you has done, to make it work. The winning team will receive a profile on VentureVillage and two free tickets to the Berlin Tech Open Air Conference coming up in August.
For updates to the contest, please check Klash’s blog.
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