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Social enterprise Knowable goes live Written by Michelle Kuepper on 9. October 2012

Berlin startup has today launched into public beta. The social enterprise business aims to foster collaboration between makers and innovators to create practical, hands-on products that can solve problems – particularly those faced by people in less developed countries.
Going against the popular wave of apps and internet startups that are targeting the digital and technological sphere, Knowable is a startup with real-world applications. The platform encourages users to think outside the square and work together to turn ideas into reality, with particular emphasis on using unconventional materials, recycling and sustainability in production.
width="515"Working out of betahaus, Knowable is run by co-founders Simon Höher and Emanuel Schwarz, along with new developer Ansgar Schürmann. The site has been in private beta since summer, with close to 300 active users currently on the platform. The team has been bootstrapping for the past year and are now in talks for a seed funding round.
Höher believes that by working together on Knowable, people are able to gain feedback on their ideas and improve the design and functionality of their products.
“We’ve been coming across tonnes of super interesting projects that people have been making, like rucksacks and clutches made of reused materials and building a solar light-bulb out of plastic. You find these kinds of things all over the site and even all over the world. It’s becoming a bigger and broader trend. Collaboration communities are really popular.”
The universal appeal of the Knowable movement is attributed to the popularity of DIY work. “You find people who can relate to the idea of building something pretty much everywhere.”
The potential of Knowable to make a difference by targeting social problems with innovation is a cause that should be championed.

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