Do Laser Projectors Get Dimmer Over Time?

Do Laser Projectors Get Dimmer Over Time

Like any electronic device, laser projectors do have the laser a “lifespan” to maintain. However, laser projection comes does boast about its huge lifetime. You will not observe gradual drops in your laser projector’s image quality or brightness. If bought directly from a trusted shop or the projector manufacturers, it can assure you consistency and sustainability over color and luminosity over a convincing period of time.

This is exactly why laser projectors do not require parts to be replaced on a regular basis, guaranteeing you off-the-shelf performance for a justifiable time frame. The issue of losing the brightness might only be taken into consideration during the end of its lifetime.

Do laser projectors get dimmer over time?

Yes, unfortunately, the provider of the evening entertainment, your laser projector, may appear to be getting a little weary from all the long hours of luminescent work if it is quite far along with its lamp life. But you should highlight the fact that the rate at which it loses the consistent brightness is extremely slow, and can be noticed only when it is standing on its last leg.

laser projectors get dimmer over time

Nevertheless, is it really as bad as you think it is? Does it really get so dim that you cannot decipher one accurate color on the screen? Let’s find out.

How to know if laser light has dimmed

Before we go tunnel into a nervous wreck about not being able to play a movie during your long-awaited sleepover because alas your laser projector may be counting its days, let us go through some full proof ways to ensure whether there really is anything to worry about.

First and foremost, is your laser projector in a room with ambient lighting? Laser light from the projector bulb will have to dominate over other light, including natural sunlight, to form accurate colors. So, make sure all the blinds are closed and natural light has no access to said room.

How to know if laser light has dimmed

Please ensure the room is not dusty since dust inside can compromise the production of accurate colors by clouding the color wheel. This in turn damages image quality.

Ensure that the color of the screen is suited to your projector. This depends on the type of projector you are using. Some may be acquainted with forming better image quality on darker colored surfaces while some may be in dire need of a surface, the color of a picket white fence.

A glimpse into the interior design

A laser projector makes excellent use of photoelectric emission from the metal filament that produces active photons.  These photons make up the laser light source that is passed to the lens.

A glimpse into the interior design

The laser beams are then passed through a color wheel to produce accurate colors through the projector lamp. Compared to a conventional projector which uses one big light bulb, a laser projector used specific lasers for primary colors. 

When do you need to start worrying about it?

As we have discussed prior, the use of a large light bulb in lamp projectors is completely absent in a laser projector. This doesn’t only make a laser projector more efficient but also takes the burden of worrying about your projector lamp’s lamp life. It is a very long time before which the image quality drops and that too by a very small amount.

There is a decrease in the brightness level of the projector lamp seen after a minimum amount of time. This time depends on the type and brand of laser projector you are using. 

Laser projector has dimmed

 For example, if you are using a quality laser projector, the brightness level can be decreased by a certain percentage after around 20,000 hours, that’s almost equivalent to 833days of straight use!

Now, is the drop really that significant? Laser projectors are top of the table when we talk about peak brightness; even in ambient light and the projector functioning in eco mode, the laser projector will still provide illumination, bright and clear enough to not give you any visual discomfort.

Cost of ownership

Contrary to what you may wonder, you will not be a setback by this decrease in brightness level.

In comparison, a conventional projector deteriorates in terms of image quality and lamp life significantly faster than a laser projector. Yes, while the projector bulbs used in conventional projectors can be replaced by the owner, making maintenance expensive, if we think ahead and do a few simple calculations, the lifespan of such several replaced projector bulbs is equal to the lamp life of a single laser projector.

Laser projector cost

The lifespan can even be shorter if the laser projector is used under proper conditions i.e., avoiding overheating and extended hours of usage.

All being said, the purchase of a single laser projector that surpasses lamp ages of multiple lamp replacements is much more merciful on costs of ownership and provides a sweet spot for cost and performance, and longevity.

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