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Buy Now CEO waxes poetic against Bamarang, the latest Samwer clone Written by Marguerite Imbert on 26. January 2012

Rocket Internet reveals the latest edition to its cloning empire. This time it’s, an unabashed wholesale copy of the New York flash sales site, which specializes in daily discounted sales of design products. As with other Samwer clones Alando (acquired by eBay), Citydeal (acquired by Groupon), Zalando (Zappos clone), Wimdu (Airbnb clone), or Pinspire (Pinterest clone), this latest iteration is an unabashed replica: from the business model, to the design, look, and feel… Apparently it’s already doing well, $100,000 in revenue per day.


In response to the news, Fab CEO Jason Goldberg issued a rant against the site, calling it a “complete rip-off,” and decided to wax poetic in his own blog post:

Here at we’re all about good design.

Authenticity is part of our soul.

We guarantee that every product we sell is authentic and that we are authorized to sell it.

We offer our own unique graphic designs on website.

Everything is home grown and original.

That’s what good design is all about.

Being true to designers, creators, and customers.

That’s why I take it as a personal offense when I see would-be competitors just blatantly and openly rip us off.

In the last month we’ve seen no less than 7 Fab copycats.

3 of them have gone as far as to copy almost exactly key elements of our website design.

We’ve come across screenshots from these copycats that include our own design elements and even our own Fab employees.

The worst offender is a new company, bamarang, operating out of the UK and Germany from the infamous Rocket Internet – Samwer brothers. Their site is not just a copycat, it’s frankly just stealing our unique Fab design elements.


We couldn’t agree more.

Bamarang’s UK domain was registered through the Munich-based interiors sale site Westwing. Launched a few months ago, Westwing is already available in an estimated 20 European countries, including the UK (under the brand name Dalani) as well as in the Turkish market.

Also to emerge today is a very similar model of the concept by investor Christophe Maire, called, another invitation-only shopping club focusing on high-end designers. Partnering CEOs of the company are former investment manager at Atlantic Ventures Simon Fabich and Felix Schlegel. According to insider sources, it’s an editorial space for designer furniture. Maire knows the furniture designers very well, and provided the introductions for Fabich and his partners.

After finishing university at St. Gallen, Maire reportedly spent time working in Tokyo for a manufacturer of temperature-adjustable Japanese designer toilets called Toto. During the time, he hung out at furniture fairs, and developed a strong network in the furniture industry while exporting the Japanese products to Europe. The designer team started working on the project early October…

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