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Letter from the Editor: Weekend Street Art 4S Written by Marguerite Imbert on 21. November 2011

Letter from the Editor, EyeEm iPhone Street Art Photography

At the EyeEm Projection Show on Saturday evening, the talk of the town was street art: What makes us notice, i-phonograph, text or upload one public image and not the other? On my Sunday morning walk, the publically curated set of images that wrap themselves at liberty around the walls, poles, construction sites, and store windows throughout Berlin — all seem rather more prominent to my eye. A gallery of pierced nipples and ankle stars in the window of a tattoo parlor assert as much or as little presence as the strudels photographed in front of the bakery next door, depending on our own inclinations. Nonetheless, we’re surrounded by them.

Letter from the Editor, EyeEm iPhone Street Art Photography

What sort of street art makes us reach for our iPhones?

Sometimes it is the information an image provides the recipient that makes it textable. I sent a friend the cover of Kunst Magazin yesterday so as to say, read this. When a friend of yours uploads a photo from TEDx today, it’ll be to say, I’m here, rather than, Isn’t this artful? Sometimes mobile photography is quicker communication. If I want some friends to join me for the Smashing Pumpkins concert this Wednesday, I can either send along the details (November 23, Tempodrom Möckernstraße 10) or mass text them a picture of the poster when I spot one on a pole (the latter being much easier.)

Most often, though, we use our mobile cameras when some image strikes an emotional chord. On Saturday at the EyeEm Projection show, I asked everyone, “What’s the last photo you took?” One girl showed me a picture of her foot, every one of her toes taped down except for the middle. “How much exposure did this photo get?” I asked her, half kidding. “It circulated among my friends,” she said, laughing. Sometimes, we send photos as a way of saying, laugh with me.

Good morning, villagers, and welcome to another exciting week for the Berlin start-up scene. What is Berlin buzzing about this morning? What are you talking about? Shoot me an email!

Off to TEDx!
Yours truly,
Marguerite Imbert