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Lieferando's Christoph Gerber on staying humble and hungry after an exit Written by Startup Notes on 6. June 2017

In his early twenties, Christoph Gerber dropped out of his studies to join a friend in turning his idea of an online food delivery company into a reality. In 2009, together with Joerg Gerbi and Kai Hansen, Gerber founded Lieferando. In five years they sold their company to the Takeaway Group for €62.9 million ($71 million ) — one of the biggest exits to ever take place in the German startup scene.
After successfully participating in the competitive online food delivery market and with Takeaway’s IPOs having a valuation of almost $1B in 2016, Gerber could have easily retired. But at 31 years old, he is not done yet. With his new startup, Talon.One, Gerber wants to help companies better manage their promotional marketing. Talon.One quietly started developing a one-stop SaaS solution in late 2015 and only recently left stealth mode to generate buzz in the startup scene.

“If you have an idea, just do it. Don’t let others stop you from following your own path. It’s OK to fail. But never let business take over your whole life. And, most importantly: Rather under promise and over deliver. Too often it’s the other way around in the startup scene.”

In this episode of Startup Notes, Gerber describes how he and his co-founders got started with Lieferando and why there is so much luck involved in successful ventures. Gerber also shares what made him decided to do it all over again with his new venture.
Gerber also shares his skepticism about the current hype surrounding the Berlin startup scene and explains why he thinks company builders, like Rocket Internet, are outdated.
Here are the topics that we cover in this podcast with one of Europe’s most unique entrepreneurs who exemplifies how to stay humble and hungry even after a big exit:
[02:00 – 02:46] On the blurred lines between private and business life as a founder
[02:47 – 04:32] On how to define entrepreneur and founders being today’s “rock stars”
[04:33 – 06:08] The difference between starting as a founder and being an entrepreneur
[06:09 – 08:30] On Lieferando’s early days and the competitive food delivery market
[08:31 – 13:01] On pushing through hard times
[13:02 – 19:32 ] Why Gerber started Talon.One after Lieferando’s successful exit
[19:33 – 20:45] The story behind his new startup Talon.One
[20:46 – 23:11] On the difference between the scalability of B2C and B2B companies
[23:12 – 26:05] The difference between German and Anglo-Saxon investors
[26:06 – 27:00] What Gerber fundamentally disagrees with in the Berlin startup scene
[27:01 – 29:59] On why the company builder model is not succeeding anymore
[30:00 – 34:00] Three bits of advice for first time entrepreneurs
This text originally appeared on Startup Notes.

hrk-speaker_christoph-gerber_280x280To hear more from Christoph Gerber, join us at The HEUREKA Conference in Berlin. #HRK17

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Photo credit: Talon.One