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Today In Germany: lifelife, Yvonne Tesch, RhodeCode Written by Elena Rueckert on 29. October 2014

Interviews with new Berlin-based startup lifelife, serial entrepreneur Yvonne Tesch, and more.

Serial entrepreneur Yvonne Tesch

Startup of the Week – How lifelife Wants To Help You Find Your Perfect Apartment

lifelife is the online broker that connects tenants to apartments, digitally. VentureVillage sat down with the CEO of lifelife Martti Mela to ask him how he plans to connect the right tenants with landlords to offer apartments in just “a fraction of a second.” [VentureVillage]

Interview with serial entrepreneur Yvonne Tesch

At 34 years old, Yvonne Tesch is a serial entrepreneur, millionaire, and mother. She is the founder of startups like Code is the New Black and Maryme. Gründerszene conducted an interview with Tesch on her life and success. [Gründerszene]

A look inside RhodeCode

Yesterday, Berlin-based RhodeCode announced a $3.5 million investment round. The startup that began as a hobby has grown very rapidly. RhodeCode is now looking to hire new talent. [Gründerszene]
Image Credit: Yvonne Tesch