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Like Facebook ID cards? Now get one for Google+ Written by Linsey Fryatt on 29. February 2012

We reported yesterday about Berlin-based artist Tobias Leingruber’s Facebook ID cards that will be handed out to citizens of Berlin this Friday. And it seems that the idea is spreading to other social networking sites, as Google+ gets its own ID cards too…
google ID
Self-proclaimed “IT Engineer, Crazy Geek, Code Digger”, Moritz Tolxdorff has ported the concept to Google’s hangout space and created a similar concept for Google+ users.
After followers in his Google+ group expressed an interest, Tolxdorff created Hangout Graphics which allows you to enter your profile ID, nickname, and join date. Other information, such as location and gender will be scoured straight from your Google profile, all accompanied, of course, with the inevitable QR code link.
Although this concept is steadfastly tongue in cheek at present, it’s obviously capturing the imagination of the tech cognoscenti. How long before we see the first active “Social ID cards” hit the streets, perhaps for Facebook Events or Google-branded happenings?