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LinkedIn co-founder Konstantin Guericke joins EarlyBird as Venture Partner Written by Marguerite Imbert on 16. May 2012

After closing its $100 million fund early last month, Earlybird’s spotlight continues to strengthen along with its global agenda. Today the Berlin-based fund adds a world-class talent to its team, naming LinkedIn co-founder Konstantin Guericke as its newest venture partner.

Earlybird lands in the US with renowned Valley recruit

Placed in the Valley, Guericke will support, advise, and develop the firm’s portfolio companies as they expand from Europe into the US market. He will also be responsible for identifying, evaluating, and relaying attractive areas of opportunity for investment to the team in Berlin. As a German native with a developed network in the Valley, Guericke is well-equipped to promote the growth and success of globally-oriented startups.
Having built up LinkedIn from infancy to its first six million members as vice president of marketing, Guericke brings valued experience to the fund’s international ambitions. The news of Guericke’s recruitment is felt with historical significance.

Guericke’s role foresees increased coordination between established and emerging hubs

The role marks a new climate for venture capital, one which increasingly relies on international channels of communication between established and emerging tech hubs, in and out of Europe. As companies require quick and effective expansion into global markets around the world, positions like Guericke’s will prove formative and necessary. “Konstantin has helped build one of the most successful companies of our time and has become a trusted advisor to numerous top German and US entrepreneurs,” said Earlybird Partner Christian Nagel, citing his “unique mix of German-US entrepreneurial DNA.”
“There has been a step-change in entrepreneurial attitudes in Europe,” said Guericke. “Today we are seeing more and more start-ups from tech hotbeds like Berlin with products that are highly viral and globally scaling from day one. These opportunities can compete with the best in Silicon Valley and reach a wordwide audience.”
For more, check out our exclusive, in-depth interview with Konstantin here.
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