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Loopcam unleashes the LOLs with first API release Written by Michelle Kuepper on 28. September 2012


The team at Loopcam, a platform to share short GIF-based photo animations, have today released their API (Application Programming Interface) for developers.
Loopcam is also releasing a new version of its iOS app to include features that enhance the feedback from users. This means that Loopcam is able to get basic infomation about their users, receive users’ recent loops, let users find loops from different people through a new tool and also search for keywords in the loop’s title.

Loopcam CEO Tor Rauden Källstigen (pictured above) commented: “This is a major step towards our vision of providing a complete world-wide infrastructure for GIF loops. This announcement means we’re welcoming our friends to build products and services that integrate with the heart and soul of Loopcam.”
Loopcam has proven popular for both users and investors, receiving six-figure funding from Passion Capital, along with Alexander Ljung from Soundcloud, Heilemann Ventures (Dailydeal), Christophe Maire (Txtr), Felix Petersen (Amen), Peter Read and Eric Wahlforss (Soundcloud).
The app also introduced a social function in August, using Open Graph to integrate with Facebook and letting users share their videos with their friends, follow friends and find other Loopcam users through the Twitter and Facebook friend finder.

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