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GIF me the new Loopcam Written by Charmaine Li on 9. December 2011

Ever captured a funny moment on your mobile that you wish you could loop? Whether it was your best friend face-planting a light post, or a skateboarder fluking an ambitious stunt. Well, there’s an app for that! For the tech-curious; it gets back to GIF animation basics that were hallmarked in the 1990’s. Now, largely thanks to Tumblr, it’s making a comeback on iOS app Loopcam. “We’ve seen this kind of animation around for more than 20 years, but it’s always stuff you see on TV shows like Funniest Home Videos,” says Swedish founder Tor Rauden Källstigen. “There hasn’t been much for the fun and everyday sphere. That’s why Loopcam’s so cool, because it’s so easy to share,” he adds.


A light-hearted, youthful approach to telling stories in a few frames, the Berlin start-up’s all-round simplicity has seen it approach 50,000 downloads since its launch in July 2011. After months of feedback and tech-refinement, Loopcam has updated its popular gif-animator, to be launched on Monday.

The new version has adopted a ‘ghost-mode’ which makes playback time less staccato and more stable. It also makes video shooting easier, with a ‘tap and hold’ button to shoot loops faster. And, in what’s increasingly becoming the norm for start-up survival; there’s improved integration with Twitter and Facebook for sharing. “There’s greater viral potential for sharing loops than a simple photo,” says Källstigen, and so far, it’s going viral across countries like Sweden, Germany and the U.S.