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Madvertise spin-off LiquidM lands $5m funding for mobile advertising platform Written by Nina Fowler on 10. October 2013



If you’ve got solid technology, why not make it available to others? Berlin-headquartered mobile advertising company Madvertise is doing exactly that and spinning off its technology as new software-as-a-service company LiquidM.

LiquidM went live today. It offers a white-label solution for managing and optimising mobile advertising campaigns and has already lined up customers in the US, Europe and Asia. Madvertise and Mobilike, Madvertise’s subsidiary in Turkey, are also now clients.

The new company is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, London, Berlin and Singapore. It employs about 60 people, most of whom switched over from the tech teams at Madvertise. Three of Madvertise’s investors also joined – to get it started, LiquidM has raised $5m from Blumberg Capital, Earlybird and Asset Management.

Madvertise co-CEO Christof Wittig joined in January 2013 in part to see what could be done to maximise the company’s technology assets. He now leads LiquidM. Madvertise’s mobile ad networks are now run by Bjoern Wendler in Germany and Paolo Vanossi in Italy.

Madvertise is also active in the UK and Spain but expansion as a regional ad network into those markets – a decision made before Wittig joined – hasn’t gone as well as hoped.

Mobile advertising requires “massive big data-driven math”

LiquidM offers a full suite of mobile advertising tools – an ad server, an “ident service” that covers device identification, finger-printing and other data collection, a “decision engine” that can fine-tune campaigns on an impression-by-impression basis, real-time bidding, and a dashboard for managing campaigns and using reporting tools.

Mobile advertising is a multi-billion dollar market and the range of options available can be bewildering. “You have to know which to buy,” Wittig explained. “To make the decision when to deliver, to what audience, at what time of day, on your own inventory or a third-party inventory. That is massive big data-driven math.”

LiquidM would, for example, allow companies to run an A/B test to see which creative content works best. “Maybe one works better in one market than another and the decision engine would find those correlations as well,” Wittig added.

Clients will pay for the software on a recurring basis – the costs will vary, Wittig said – and care will be taken not to offer the platform to direct competitors.

LiquidM can be considered alongside AppNexus, which offers a similar full technology stack for online advertising and is now also moving into mobile, and a range of other companies that offer ad servers and real-time bidding solutions.

Image credit: Flickr user Phil Campbell

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