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"Calendars are for commitments" – seeks to solve second calendar problem Written by Nina Fowler on 23. August 2012
wants to solve the problem of what to do right now, and fellow Berlin startup is working on a solution for what you might do in future.
Anthony Barba, one of a team of six working on the soon-to-be-released Might app from an office near Monbijouplatz, tells VentureVillage he’s been trying to solve the “problem of the second calendar” directly for over a year. The site’s manifesto makes that goal plain:

We believe the calendar is for commitments only

The role of a calendar is to track and organise commitments. If you have not agreed to be at a specific place at a specific time, don’t clutter your calendar.

The Might app – for iPhone firstly – is a place to save all the things you might want to do or be reminded of in future. As a starting point, it pulls in millions of listed events, from multiple APIs – think Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, Facebook, iCal, though only a few of those are live so far.
The goal, Barba says, is to pull in enough content so if someone says “Tech Open Air”, you can probably search for it within the app and add it to your “Might” list.
Might screenshots
That’s more complicated than it sounds, or than the interface shows. Might aggregates users’ interests from across the internet — at this point by accessing Facebook Open Graph for preferences shared via third-party apps such as Spotify. That data is then sorted into a search function so users can go into Musician/Band, for example, and add or follow events by artists they like.
This is very much a social app, so users can follow friends’ Might lists too, and scope out who else might be interested in going to the same events.
Anthony BarbaSince the app will be free, Might will need to build up enough critical mass in terms of users and integrated events to put what would seem like the most obvious business model — media and event partnerships — in place. For now, Barba and partner Ranjith Sirusanagandla are funding the project from the sale of a previous business.
“Look at that.” Barba (left), heading back to the office after one of our chats, stops in front of a billboard advertising a gig later in August. “I might want to go to that. Every time I see something like that, it keeps me inspired with what we’re doing.”


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