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MobiSparks unveils the hottest mobile startups and apps out of India Written by Vallabh Rao on 27. November 2012

With an estimated 900 million mobile users, India is the second biggest mobile market in the world after China. Although the smartphone penetration is relatively less than China, India is seeing enormous growth in the mobile app industry. Numerous mobile startups and apps are developing products and services to cater to the market at home and abroad.


The MobiSparks 2012 conference and startup showcase, held on 4 November, 2012 in Bangalore, India, caters for mobile entrepreneurs and app developers from across the country.

Selected by a MobiSparks committee comprising of industry experts and investors are the following:

The 14 leading mobile startups from India of 2012


IQLECT is an Elastic Data Platform for Cloud. It aims to offer BigData buffer as a solution for real time analysis of data.

Grene Robotics

Grene Robotics was founded in 2009 with a vision of being a global leader in remote monitoring and management solutions. Its primary objective is to assist organisations to effectively use their existing resources at the highest levels of productivity.

Visarity Technology

Visarity is the company behind Flikz, a mobile AR experience platform in the entertainment and media vertical. It covers movies and related information such as showtimes, trailers, ratings, news and recommendations.

App Me In

App Me In is committed to building smart phone applications for enterprises. Automapic, the latest app developed by App Me In, has just been launched.

SectorQube Technolabs

SectorQube Technolabs has demonstrated the concept of “Android beyond Apps” and delivers customised android powered electronic solutions.


Uniphore harnesses the power of voice to transform ordinary mobiles into an enterprise-class service delivery platform. Uniphore has 26 enterprise customers and nearly 2 million users.


AstralPad is simplifying office productivity and collaboration on the iPad and other mobile devices. It’s a full featured productivity app where you can create office documents.

Rhapsody Labs

Rhapsody Labs brings together state of the art computer vision and computer graphics research to realise the commercial potential of new augmented reality technology.

Jana Care

Jana Care is in the business of reversing “Diabesity” – the twin epidemic of diabetes and obesity, by embedding mobile technology with diagnostics and proven behaviour change science.

Remo Software Private Limited

Remo is a software company which develops software system utilities to Recover (R), Erase (E), Manage (M) and Optimize (O) data on stand alone PCs, laptops, and mobiles.

MintM Loyalty Services

MintM is a bundle of few unique things which allows merchants to engage customers through various mechanisms like offers, loyalty rewards and open communication.

AirGol offers free iPhone and Android apps to allow users to capture Live vidoes and share them on Facebook with friends and family in real time.

MobileCozy Solutions Private limited

MobileCozy enables anyone to accept credit/debit cards anywhere on the go without the need of traditional hardware or a regular POS.

RainingClouds Technologies

RainingClouds is building a product called AppSurfer. It helps app developers generate more visibility and more downloads. It’s basically a social app recommendation platform.

India mobile apps

The 5 leading mobile apps from India of 2012

Sound Ventures

Twaang is an on-demand mobile music library for Indian music lovers around the world. Twaang provides legal, high quality music on-demand wherever you are.


Hubbl is a word-of-mouth platform for apps that is powered by opinions expressed via collaborative #tagging.


WooMe is an instant deal app which can detect ads and show what people are watching or listening to on radio. It can also push highly targeted instant deals, interaction and engagement with the audience.


LoReMo is a smartphone application that is specifically designed to be an innovative approach towards customer loyalty and engagement for merchants.


PhonOn is an Asynchronous Voice Messaging application that works across iOS, android and the web. It’s like Whatsapp for voice, with deep integration with social networks.

Image credit: Flickr user meanestindian

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