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Facebook hookup app Bang With Friends announces German launch and first numbers Written by Michelle Kuepper on 13. February 2013

Two weeks after launching and causing a furore in social media, self-named “modern dating” site Bang With Friends has released numbers and announced an all-new German version.
The startup is also introducing new features, to be launched tomorrow including a “Bangability” add on, which analyses users’ friend network to see their trending “sexiness score”.
Bang With Friends allows users to log in through Facebook and anonymously mark the friends they would like to get more intimate with. Only when the interest is reciprocated do the two get notified via email…and take it from there.
The founders, who continue to remain anonymous, have let a little slip in the latest press release – we now know the site was launched by three “devilishly handsome men in their twenties” and has received over 2,500,000 unique visitors in two weeks. The site has apparently also already paired “100,000 intimate couples”, according to the release.
Germany, along with Brazil and the US, are the countries where the site has the most avid users. And it shows no signs of slowing down, with a rate of one person per second signing up – meaning they now have 600,000 users within 20 days.
In the release, one of the founders announced the inspiration behind the app, which was born out of a Red Bull and vodka fuelled evening. He said: “We don’t think that sex needs to be hidden and stigmatised. We believe that sex is too taboo and that people should be more honest with each other. We are giving people an easier way to do it, without running the risk of rejection. Our goal is to bring happiness to potential couples by taking down the barriers of intimacy.”
The site already spawned a copy-cat in LinkedIn equivalent Bang With Professionals, which was shut down by the networking site. It remains to be seen whether Facebook will do the same with Bang With Friends…

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