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Yay! Monoqi launches at last Written by Linsey Fryatt on 27. February 2012

We’ve been waiting for Monoqi, the exclusive Berlin-based online shopping club, to launch today, and we can finally get our cool product fix this evening after some slight server wobbles this afternoon.
After a month of word-of-mouth hype and content-building, the coolest curated shopping club on the block was set to flick the on switch at 3pm today, but the mooted launch came and went after a slight server flip out.
Thankfully sales are now live. Monoqi’s Facebook page stated that they had experienced a few “hiccups”. CEO Simon Fabich told us: “It’s a beta version. We’re working hard on it and it will be perfect within the next days! Detailed bug reports to are welcome”.

[Read our after-hours interview with Monoqi CEO Simon Fabich here]

Monoqi has also rounded up a stable of hot guest bloggers – Felix Peterson, CEO of Amen has been enlisted to wax lyrical on Nikonos cameras and Jacques Cousteau while artists and Djs such as Yoon Lee and Hugo Capablanca explain their love for Berlin.
Monoqi partnering CEOs are; former investment manager at Atlantic Ventures Simon Fabich plus Felix Schlegel. Christophe Maire, a previous investor in startups SoundCloud and Amen, is acting as co-founder and chairman, while a group of angel investors have sunk an undisclosed amount into the startup’s seed round.

[See our Office Insider snoop around Monoqi HQ here]