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Monoqi online shopping club launches, backed by Christophe Maire Written by Linsey Fryatt on 26. January 2012


Another addition to the burgeoning online shopping club market emerged to day in the form Monoqi – an invitation-only shopping platform backed by Christophe Maire, who is also acting as co-founder and chairman.
Described as “amazing design, every day”, this new venture offers another platform for hot new designers to distribute their creations to eager trend-hunters. Felix Peterson, CEO of Amen has also been enlisted as a guest blogger, waxing lyrical on Nikonos cameras and Jacques Cousteau.

The rise of the online shopping club

Monoqi’s launch follows hot on the heels of another Samwer brothers’ clone this morning, named – a blatant clone.
Monoqi partnering CEOs are former investment manager at Atlantic Ventures Simon Fabich plus Felix Schlegel. Fabich states that their project differs as its goods are hand-picked by design scouts and organised into “curated spaces” rather than simple shopping pages. It’s also claimed that it will be supported by quality editorial content to engage the creative community. The designer team started working on the project early October.
Christophe Maire is a previous investor in startups SoundCloud and Amen, and is acting as co-founder and chairman, while a group of angel investors have sunk an undisclosed amount into the startup’s seed round.
Maire has a colourful business background – after finishing university at St. Gallen, he reportedly spent time working in Tokyo for a manufacturer of Japanese designer toilets (which play music in addition to the ordinary functions).
During this time, he developed a strong network in the furniture industry while exporting Japanese products to Europe, before holding board positions in German media & film production companies as well as early stage investor for web 2.0 ventures.
The craze for online shopping clubs has gripped the Berlin startup scene, with ventures such as ChicChickClub, Zalando, Nelou and WestWing opening operations in the city.