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Moped adds "Rich Messages" to the mix – SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram in your stream Written by Linsey Fryatt on 2. August 2012

Moped Rich Messages

News just in from Moped Labs – the minimalist messaging service is taking a leaf from Amen’s books and adding some media-rich features into its latest mix, namely the ability to embed web link previews and images and in-app access to SoundCloud and YouTube clips.
Moped has previously worked on the proviso that less is more, but it seems that some features were just too good to leave out. Founder and CEO Schuyler Deerman explains in a blog post: “At Moped it’s our quest to make sharing and communicating with each other frictionless. With sharing, our first major step was the chrome extension that lets you share any page in just a few keystrokes.

Starting today, we’re making the next major advance: embedding content you share directly into your Mopeds. We’re calling this ‘Rich Messages’.”

@ciaranoleary skateboarding in your stream

Moped Instagram
For those who might not know, Moped takes Twitter’s DM functionality and turns it into a private IM service, complete with @names and hashtags. So essentially you can privately chat to any of your Twitter contacts quickly and easily on one interface. You don’t even have to follow one another on Twitter, so long as you have a Moped account.
The new features in the latest Android, iOS and desktop versions allows users to post weblinks with content previews and one-click image sharing. YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks will also be directly playable in your stream.

A million-dollar idea?

Moped YouTubeLast month, the Berlin-based messaging platform closed a $1 million seed round with Ron Conway’s SV Angel, New York incubator Betawork, Lerer Ventures and Earlybird. The cash helped launch the mobile versions of the app as well as support the new media-rich features.
Deerman told us: “Sharing links is something users were already doing. Embedding content from the web directly into messages is such a better user experience than just seeing a URL in a message.”
It’ll be interesting to see where this added functionality will take Moped – will it evolve into a different product based on user behaviour à la Amen? Watch this space…

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