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Moviepilot secures $7 million from London VC DFJ Espirit Written by Marguerite Imbert on 10. May 2012

Movie recommendation and discovery platform just announced the completion of its $7 million Series B financing, led by leading venture capital firm DFJ Esprit, and continued participation from existing VC funds T-Venture, Grazia Equity and VC Fund Creative Industries Berlin. The funding underpins the company’s US expansion, strengthens the platform’s position as the leading fan resource for new film projects and reinforces its ambition to revolutionise the way movies are marketed and distributed.width="300"

The Berlin-based company last expanded to London in January

Moviepilot was founded in 2007 by filmmakers Tobi Bauckhage and Jon Handschin (CPO), as well as former OMDB founder Benjamin Krause (CTO). The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, employing over 50 people. In January 2012 the London office opened, headed by former International Advertising Sales executive at IMDB Claire Holland.

Now it’s preparing to launch in Los Angeles, the movie capital of the world

Launched in October 2011, is a platform built to help movie fans around the world discover upcoming projects and keep track of their development from pre-announcement rumours and speculation right through to theatrical release. The platform acts as the first ‘online home’ for movies, giving fans a place to gather often long before official homepages are created. In doing this, Moviepilot identifies and engages a movie’s online fanbase, collating valuable feedback and data for major movie studios to use to better market their projects to their core audience. The platform in this way finds the right film for any audience and the right audience for any film.
“With the new funding secured and the move to Los Angeles coming up, this quarter marks the most significant milestone in the history of Moviepilot to date,” commented Tobi Bauckhage, Moviepilot CEO and co-founder. “The campaigns we have already run on behalf of the world’s biggest studios have given us a fantastic base to further develop our brand of social marketing services for movies.”