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My Life in Apps: Liquid Labs' Paul Jozefak Written by Nina Fowler on 30. March 2012

We asked ideas man Paul Jozefak to share the apps that keep him on track – from productivity to keeping fit…


1 Facebook …although I use it privately as well as for work, it seems like I use it as a “fallback” solution, i.e. if someone isn’t reachable via mail, sms, or some other channel, I ping them on Facebook. I friend everyone usually but I’m diligent about lists on FB and have multiple such lists to keep private things from mixing up with work stuff.
2 Twitter is my source of news.
3 I still religiously use my Calendar to set up meetings and have multiple calendars attached to the calendar app on my iPhone. I wish there was a better solution but there isn’t.
4 Spotify keeps me entertained while I work and travel.
5 Maps …I use these more than when I never had maps. I guess this is a negative thing since I always get lost otherwise. All navigation skills I ever had completely disappeared.
6 Evernote is for everything that I want to ‘save’ and we use it as a team for idea generation and a central repository for all things Liquid Labs.
7 Instapaper I use all the time to catch up on things I save for later reading, i.e. in the evenings since I never have time to during the day or while traveling. The others in that folder are fallback solutions to kill time when enroute.
8 Weather …I want to know what the weather is where I’m going. I hardly ever check this for my home location.
9 Withings …I do a lot of sports to keep balanced and track a lot of physical metrics, including weight daily.
10 Runkeeper tracks all the actual stuff I do when it comes to sports.
Everything else is secondary. The public transport folder gets a lot of action when I’m out and about. I always prefer public transport when I can use it.