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My name is Sara Sotelo and this is how I came to Berlin Written by Christine G. Coester on 22. March 2017

When Berlin Calls

“When I saw [Trust Agents’] website I thought it was really professional and I was looking for something in the French market. I did my studies in France and lived there six years. I did my bachelor’s and master’s there so I was more comfortable with stuff in French than in English and German.
I saw that Trust Agents had a training program for the French market in SEO Online Marketing, which is why I applied. I contact bloggers and influencers from France and we write articles, depending on the client. I do it in French and a little bit in German.
I don’t know what it is to work for a really big company, but I prefer the way we are, because we know each other. In a bigger company it would be quite different. The communication here is just really good.
I read about Berlin being the biggest city for startups in Germany, but I don’t see Trust Agents as a startup. I think they are now an agency. In startups there is a lot more chaos and they are under more pressure to be a big company.
Foreigners often think that Germans are too serious, but here at Trust Agents we work a lot but we have just as much fun. I think that is a really good mix. We have a foosball and billiard table for example, to clear our mind. I personally prefer to listen to music while I’m working. But it depends on the person.”